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Microsoft Edu-Cloud FAQs

This document contains frequently asked questions about Microsoft Edu-Cloud Solutions.

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What is Edu-Cloud? What are its objectives?

Edu-Cloud is a premium Program of Microsoft that facilitates the fastest way for an education customer to move to a trusted cloud. Under this Program, Microsoft offers tools for productivity, communication, collaboration apart from different cloud services and storage for use by the students and the teachers. The college gets access to the latest learning content on Microsoft technology.

How can the students utilize the Edu-Cloud products?

Students can access latest learning content on Microsoft technology and get ready for industry with Microsoft certifications. Students can use Microsoft software and cloud services for their classroom learning, doing assignments and student projects.

How can the students get access to Microsoft Cloud? Will there be training sessions to work on the cloud?

Students get access to different services on Microsoft Cloud such as Office 365. They can avail Microsoft online resources that are available under this Program to get ready for industry with Microsoft certifications.

Will the college get any training initially to use the Edu-Cloud products?

The college will receive requisite instructions and resource material after registering for the Program. Students and teachers can access online Microsoft resources to receive training for products and technologies.

Where can we get the detailed information on the Edu-Cloud?

You can refer to our website to get detailed information or you may contact Batoi Support Desk for any furthers queries and clarifications.

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