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FAQs on Managed Azure Solutions by Batoi

This document contains frequently asked questions about managed Azure solutions by Batoi.

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What is Microsoft Azure? What comes with it?

Microsoft Azure is a cloud platform promoting the company's products and technologies apart from supporting third party and open source ones. It comes with different products from all the three levels of cloud deliveries: Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Infrastructure as a Service (PaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS). The popular products cover hosting services, database and backup management and software application development.

How is Microsoft Azure different from Google & Amazon cloud services?

Though Microsoft Azure offerings are similar to those from Google and Amazon, the underlying architecture, included products and product packaging are different. However, Microsoft offers creating hybrid solutions that can involve other cloud platform apart from its own.

Can I try Microsoft Azure for free?

Yes. You can try Microsoft Azure for free.

How much does Microsoft Azure cost?

Like other cloud offerings, Microsoft Azure products do not have any upfront cost or termination fees. You pay for what you use and the billing is based on per minute usage. Detailed pricing from Microsoft Azure can be found at https://azure.microsoft.com/en-in/pricing/ and a Pricing calculator can be used.

What is the Microsoft Azure SLA?

Though Microsoft provides a set of support plans and Service Level Agreements (SLAs), it is advantageous to use Managed Services from Batoi that comes with support for Microsoft Azure Control Panel, monitoring of cloud services, access to best practices and expert consulting apart from a strong SLA.

How can I purchase Azure services?

You can purchase Microsoft Azure services online at Microsoft Azure official website or through Batoi. You will get the advantage of pricing and an option for Managed Services if the purchase is made through Batoi. Please note that Batoi also offers Managed Services even if the products are not purchased through Batoi. But you get a major cost advantage if the products and services are procured in bundle from us.

Batoi has its own products in the domain of cloud platform, why does it offer Microsoft offerings?

Though the offerings from Batoi are similar to Microsoft Azure offerings, the products are very different in terms of features, functions, architecture and usage model. Moreover, our participation in Microsoft Partner Network enables us to offer hybrid solutions that can be built across different cloud platforms including Batoi Cloud Platform (BCP) and Microsoft Azure. This is a big advantage for the customer in availing the best of different services.

How is support for Microsoft Azure delivered by Batoi?

For Unmanaged Services of Microsoft Azure, Batoi limits in engagement to commercials and discounts only. However, Batoi's Managed Services for Microsoft Azure unlocks the full potential of Microsoft's cloud platform with our niche solutions and Passionate Support. In this model, cloud experts from Batoi, work closely with you to understand your business requirements and assist you at each step of building, deploying and managing solutions on Microsoft Azure. We also assist in migration, monitoring and building a hybrid solution.

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