As dusk lowered his head and darkness began spreading her wings at the Central Park of Frisco, many small glittering lights popped up from nearby buildings and the street lines. The roads with speeding vehicles of this suburb of Dallas, Texas (US) seemed like rhyming lights that almost touched the ground with a roar before fading away, again reappearing within nearly a few seconds.

Once a sleepy rural centre, the Central Park at the heart of the town celebrates its culture, heritage and life with a range of sculptures and running brook that creeps subtly around.

to get around them and to circle the leaders
you must run wilder and madder than

The above inscription sums up the ethos of the horse-back men rearing the cattle while stopping by this resting place in the 19th century and before. Could a small market not have flourished in those times, seeing the opportunity of a crowd?

Frisco is a lovely town to visit. Its economy received a huge boost when the sleepy town went ahead with large scale infra creation, a process of top-class branding as a lucrative investment destination with their tag, ‘billion dollar mile’ (#5BMILE). Corporate majors went ahead and shifted their headquarters to this location. With neat city design, adequate residential complexes, hotels, parks, schools and institutes of higher learning, the expansion plan went quick. At the same time, the development gradually spread outward, ending the original billion dollar mile project. But then the region has risen into becoming one of the fastest-growing entrepreneurial hubs in the USA.