Summer is practically here; we can feel it! The sun shines bright, and the cold winds are finally taking a break, and that’s exciting! With the first warm summer days come backyard grilling parties, dinners alfresco (outside), get-togethers around the pool and for some, perhaps a trip to the beach.

The warm season is fun, and it invites us to have a drink. Sure, a cold beer is indeed summer-worthy, but wine can play a role, too, especially if you choose the right one. Here is what you need to know to select wine for summer.

The single most summer-compatible wine style is white wine, but not every grape variety will do.

Say Yes to Light White Wine!

The single most summer-compatible wine style is white wine, but not every grape variety will do. Think of the peachy Pinot Grigio, the herbal Sauvignon Blanc, the citrusy Albariño or the floral Riesling.

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The secret is enjoying young white wine; the younger, the better, and make sure it’s meant to be drunk young. White wine fermented in stainless steel tanks instead of barrels is bottled right away for immediate enjoyment.

The good news is that most white wine you can find today is made in this style, and despite being delicious and refreshing, they’re often pretty inexpensive.

Rosé, The Pink Wine Just Says Summer

Rosé is always beautifully acidic, and that’s what makes it so refreshing and thirst-quenching. Light-bodied, low in alcohol and nicely scented with wild berries, cranberries or cherries, there’s just something in pink wine that just screams for summer.

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It helps to serve rosé ice cold, and the fact that the style is trendy right now and super Instagrammable helps, too. Let’s just say everyone looks good with a glass of rosé in hand. By the way, rosé is not a girly drink; it’s for everyone, so don’t be afraid of going pink.

Bubbles! Summer Is All About Partying!

Summer is all about getting together with friends and family for a good time; warm days are just festive. Do you know what else is always festive? Bubbles! Sparkling wine is not just for special occasions; every time you pop open a bottle of fizz is a memorable occasion in itself.

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Yes, some sparkling wines, like Champagne, can be expensive, but there are many other equally delightful bubbly wines around, and they’re not expensive at all.

For sparkling wine, temperature matters a lot, so serve it cold and, when possible, in a fancy slim flute glass.

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What’s Your Wine for Summer?

Finding wine for the right occasion and mood is no hard science. It just has to feel right, and for summer, that’s often light wines with fruity personalities, nothing too bold or structured - just fun wine styles that make you and your guests smile while the fermented grape juice quenches everyone’s thirst.

Make sure you have some young white wine, rosé and sparkling wine in the fridge for when having guests coming over, and you’ll have a blast, guaranteed. Let wine take your summer to the next level. Let’s get the party started!