This project required better ranking of a retail e-commerce website on search engines and to draw higher traffic to the website.

Situation/ Problem

When the client contacted us, he was convinced about a few keywords and the possibility of such ranking. The website was a large retail e-commerce website.


  1. We discussed with the client and asked for permission for a few days to study his website and related keywords. We found that some keywords he is asking for are not fetching enough traffic, and others are too generic to be considered for this small website with minimal content and audience.

  2. We came up with a set of keywords around his business propositions, products and services. We modified and reorganised the website content thoroughly to suit for this purpose, and then optimised the pages for search engines. We then listed the website in relevant directories and social media.


Two months down the line, his website is now listed on the first page of Google search results with a few key phrases. More important is that he is now getting a significant increase in traffic.