Provisioning a scalable server platform along with a custom application for data management in the recruitment process at Railway Recruitment Board.

Situation/ Problem

The volume of data transaction created a bottleneck for the existing server infrastructure and data management process in the existing software application. The system had multiple input interfaces- for a third-party vendor to bulk-upload data into the system and for organisational users to add meta-data.


  1. Batoi's Opendelight framework was used for the purpose.

  2. The application was provisioned with bulk-upload facility for the third-party vendor, data management interface for organisational users, automation in the data validation process with pre-defined rulesets, a public interface for the applicants to download their examination documents and dashboards for different executive roles to visualize and audit recruitment process and to download reports into spreadsheets.

  3. Batoi's Cloud server was provisioned equipped with auto-scale tools for the spikes in usage during bulk-imports and mass downloads of documents by the applicants.

  4. A document was created and provided for the users to manage the system effectively and the best practices for reference. A training session was also conducted on-premises.

  5. An account manager and a technical consultant were assigned from Batoi during the entire duration of the project for smooth coordination among teams (Batoi, customer and the third-party data vendor), conflict resolution around the user requirements and training/support for effective usage of the software and cloud infrastructure.