Development of interactive GIS maps of Odisha state, district, block, GP and village level with the integration of PLA MIS (Participatory Learning & Action) and CLS MIS (Community-Led Sanitation) Program Implementation Data.

This was part of the program

Situation/ Problem

  1. MIS software systems were located in different locations with different data structures and technologies, yet without APIs. Also, the administrators followed different system management practices.

  2. The exact GIS map requirements were not determined and the formats available did not fit the web-based system.


  1. Open Source tools and libraries were used as the resulting system was envisaged to be deployed in NIC (National Informatics Center). Batoi's Opendelight framework was used for the purpose along with the D3 visualization library.

  2. A set of two documents were provided- technical documentation of the system that could be used by the developers later for modifications, and management documentation that could be referred to while using the system in conjunction with MIS software along with best practices.

  3. An account manager and a technical consultant were assigned from Batoi during the entire duration of the project for smooth coordination among the teams (Batoi, IPEGlobal, government department and MIS vendor), conflict resolution around the user requirements and delivery of the system for installation at the government-controlled datacenter.