How do you stay up to date on the latest news, scientific discoveries, and breaking medical discoveries in today’s ages? If I asked the same question 25 years ago, the answer would have been through a printed newspaper. But today, the answer is much more likely to be through a TV broadcast or mobile application. When you ask someone what they think digital publishing means, typically, they associate it with e-books or digital magazines and newsletters. It isn’t wrong, but it is so much more than that. Think of the how-to videos on YouTube, mobile apps that help you book movie and theatre tickets, podcasts, or even Ted Talks.

With over 4.8 billion active internet users globally, which is almost 61 per cent of the global population, a focus on Digital solutions rather than traditional printing methods makes complete sense. People just don’t rely on that outdated method for consuming information anymore.

What is digital publishing?

Digital publishing can be defined as the process and the result of replacing written material with digital technology that can be disseminated and accessed through electronic devices. It takes something that could be made in print and makes it into a format that can be accessed by computing technology.

What are the benefits of going digital? Most think it is cost savings, which is undoubtedly one of them over print materials. The biggest one, however, is the ability for business branding and awareness. With 4.8 billion active internet users, the number of potential consumers for your products is huge, as they turn to the internet to read reviews and to shop online. Not only that, but a search engine is also much faster to search than having to nip down to the library and search by hand for what you need.

Digital publishing or e-publishing comes in many different varieties. This blog that you are reading is one, and other examples include:

Digital publishing examples

  • Digital magazines and e-books
  • Newsletters
  • Journals and blogs
  • Advertisements
  • Scientific journals
  • Company reports
  • Digital catalogues
  • PDF’s and MP3’s
  • Scrapbooks
  • Whitepapers
  • User manuals

Plus, so much more. Not a surprise, really, given the amount of technology available today and the active number of internet users.

What are the benefits of digital publishing?

We are living in an age where we are constantly looking for instant gratification and new content. With mobile device usage topping 4hr 30min per day on average in the US alone. Traditional publishers are taking advantage of this and are shifting towards Digital publishing instead, as they have realised that their businesses will fail with conventional publishing alone. So, what are the benefits of digital publishing?

Wider Audience - One of the biggest, if not the biggest, benefit of digital publishing is the size of the audience. The majority of people today own an internet-enabled mobile device and have access to various online content, in numbers that are over three billion smartphone users globally. The audience is huge.

Lower Costs - Focusing on Digital only copies of your publication removes all printing and distribution associated costs and provides your business with additional financial resources to focus on other areas of your publication.

Earn Revenue from Publishing - As well as keeping costs down, digital publishing allows you to monetise quickly. You can earn advertising revenue by selling ad space on your site or within your app. Or, you could provide a free preview with the entire product being sold.

Digital tools and technologies

A Digital Publishing Platform (DPP) is a software-based solution that enables publishers, marketers, and designers to publish content as apps in an App Store or on a website across the internet. Digital publishing platforms make the process efficient and easy to create content and generate traffic. We are enabling the transition from print to digital.

As the number of smartphone users continues to increase, so has the number of digitally publishing software that is available to both brands and publishers. Batoi Space is one such platform that offers the flexibility and versatility of online publishing. You can publish varieties of content - ebooks, blogs, magazines, web pages, event pages, business pages - in multiple languages and in multiple formats.