This tutorial will guide you in creating an article and publishing it on your portfolio in Batoi Space. This is a self-publishing option and will not need any approval from anybody.

Creating a Post

  1. Login to your Batoi Dashboard.

  2. Click on My Spaces as shown below.

  1. Then click on Posts in My Profile as shown below.
  1. Click on the Add Post button as shown below.
  1. Enter a title in the available field. This will be the title of your post.
  1. Enter your post content in the available field. While adding or editing a post in, you can embed an image.

You can add the following information about your article. We shall discuss briefly each below.

  • Slug
  • Subtitle (Optional)
  • Feature Image
  • Feature Image Caption
  • Topics
  • Access

Slug (This field will be available when you edit the article.)

A text that comes after the domain name as a part of your permalink leads to your content. Although it is automatically set, it is not always recommended to leave it like that. The default slug may not be friendly for both search engines and humans.

How to Set the Slug of a Post

Before setting your slug, you have to know the two basic rules:

  • Replace spaces with hyphens (-)
  • Use only lowercase letters.

Subtitle (Optional)

It is an introduction paragraph where you provide a brief overview of your post.

Feature Image

It helps you visually represent the content for your readers. It appears on your portfolio as thumbnails and at the top of your article.

Click on the Upload to browse an image (should be less than 350 KB) from your local system that you want to upload.

It is the text that appears beneath your featured image, usually to give it additional context or to provide source attribution.


It is used to sort and group your articles.


  • Open Access: Can be accessed by everyone
  • Member-only Access?: Is accessible to specific users
  1. Once you have entered all your information, scroll down, and you shall see one button as mentioned below.
  • Save as Draft: Click to save your article without having to publish it immediately. This way, you can work on it as much as you want and publish it only when ready.
  1. To edit your post, click on the Edit icon.

  2. Edit your post as per your requirement. Once done, click on the Proceed to Publish button.

Your post is published. You can now see the post in your portfolio.