A communication system where only the communicating users can read the messages.

The Kelpies
The world's largest equine sculptures

Getting More Done in Less Time
Professional Service Automation for small to medium size businesses.
Batoi Press in Insights Sep 6, 2021

Oral Negligence and Its Damaging Effects
Dental problems eventually cause infections that can spread to other parts of the body. Therefore, ...

Automating Workflows for Enhancing Business Efficiency
Onboarding, compliance management, payroll processing, document sign-off, and supervisory reviews typically slow manual workflows that ...
Batoi Press in Insights Aug 31, 2021

The Tree of Life and Phylogenetic Mysteries
Solving these mysteries is crucial because it tells us where those animals belong and helps ...
Batoi Press in Science Outlook Aug 31, 2021

The Language of Machines
An introduction to computability and programming languages.
Batoi Press in Dev21 Aug 30, 2021

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Euler-Lagrange Equations of Motion
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Lessons in Classical Mechanics
Language of Chemistry
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