Guddu and his mother were padding down the street on a sunny day. Nearby was a beautiful park where parents used to take their children to play every day. 

“Mamma, I’d like to go to the park for a while,” Guddu said.

“It’s okay, sweetie.” His mother said, “Would you like some ice cream when you are back home?”

“I always want ice cream!” The child exclaimed joyfully.

They both approached the park, and that atmosphere full of laughter and fun was what they both needed at that moment. Guddu ran to play on the slides, and his mother sat on a bench, enjoying the fresh air.

“Do you want to play with us?” Someone asked Guddu.

When he turned to see who had spoken to him, he realised that it was a smaller boy looking at him with great curiosity. 

“Yes!” Guddu said, “Where are the others?”

The little boy beckoned Guddu to follow him and led him near the trees, where a small group of children was playing happily.

“My name is Joe,” the boy introduced himself.

“I am Guddu.”

“It’s nice to meet you,” Joe said, smiling, “Hey, guys! I brought one more partner!”

The other children looked at them and smiled at Guddu. Before long, they were all playing.

“Where is your toy?” a little girl asked Guddu.

“Toy? I didn’t bring any,” Guddu replied, confused.

“So, how are you going to play with us?” another child asked Guddu.

Guddu felt uncomfortable.

“Don’t worry, guys,” Joe told them, “I can lend one of my toys to Guddu.”

“Thank you, Joe,” Guddu said to the boy.

Joe walked away for a moment and returned with two toys in his hands: an amazing red race car and a fun green dinosaur.

“Which one do you want?” Joe asked Guddu.

“The dinosaur is fine,” Guddu replied, taking the dinosaur from Joe’s hand.

“Good choice! It’s my favourite,” Joe said.

Guddu played with the children. He had a lot of fun, and their laughter gave the atmosphere freedom and happiness.

“Guddu! Where are you?” His mother suddenly called out to him, “The ice cream is going to melt at home!”

Guddu turned around at once, and when he saw his mother, he was excited. 

“Mamma! Look at this beautiful dinosaur Joe just lent me!” Guddu said to his mother.

“It’s very nice, Guddu! And who is Joe?” His mother asked.

Joe approached Guddu and his mother, who greeted him cheerfully.

“Well, Joe. I must go,” Guddu said to the boy, handing the dinosaur back to him, “Thank you for lending me your toy.”

“No problem!” Joe said, “Toys are for sharing!”

“Oh, that’s beautiful! Sharing is important,” Guddu’s mother said, “Goodbye, Joe.”

Joe said goodbye to Guddu and his mother and went back to play with his friends. Guddu ate his ice cream, and they headed home. That night, Guddu dreamed that he had lots of toys. There were so many that it was impossible to count them. 

Each toy in his dream had something special about it that made Guddu want to share it. Just then, thousands of children appeared next to Guddu, and he allowed them to take one toy to play with. All the children began to shout for joy as they chose their toy, and then they all played happily.

Guddu woke up with a smile on his face. Sitting up in his bed, he looked toward his closet. An idea came to his mind at that moment. Getting up, he opened the closet door and took out his enormous chest full of toys. Opening it, he saw that there were many toys that he no longer played with. Guddu went down to the dining room, and when he saw his mother, he said,

“Good morning, Mamma. I’ve had a wonderful idea!”

“Good morning, son! Tell me what it’s all about.”

“I have decided to donate the toys I no longer use to children who don’t have any. Thanks to Joe, yesterday I could see how nice it is to share what you have,” Guddu replied, pleased with the idea.

“That’s a wonderful idea, Guddu!” His mother exclaimed and hugged him, “You are such a good boy. Many children are going to be happy to receive one of your toys,” 

That same day, Guddu placed all the toys he no longer used in several boxes, and together with his mother, gave them away to many children who had no toys. They passed by the park, and after seeing Joe, Guddu ran to him with a dinosaur in his hand and said,

“Hi, Joe, thanks for being good to me!”

“Hello, Guddu. What do you mean?”

“Yesterday you invited me to play, and even though I didn’t have any toy, you lent me one of yours without any problem. That was kind,” Guddu replied.

“You’re welcome, Guddu. It’s been a pleasure. Well, shall we play again today?”

“Of course! I brought my dinosaur today!”

Guddu rejoined the children, and they all played happily. From that day on, the friends shared many great adventures in the park. Guddu learned how much fun it is to share with others by making toys possible for all the children!