Guddu woke up, and it was a beautiful morning that day. The birds were singing happily, and the breeze was rustling the thin branches of the trees. Everything indicated that it was going to be a good day. 

After eating a delicious breakfast, Guddu said goodbye to his parents and went out to wait for the school bus. When he arrived at the bus stop, his two best friends, Ben and Tim, were already there to his happiness.

“Hi, guys!” Guddu greeted them.

“Hello, Guddu,” Ben replied.

“Hey, buddy!” Tim said.

When the bus arrived, the children got on and started the school trip. All along the way, they chatted and laughed. Spending time with his friends was one of the things Guddu loved most. 

Arriving at the school, they entered the classroom, and immediately something caught their attention. A new boy was sitting at the end of one of the rows. 

The boy was tall, and his gaze conveyed a lot of sweetness, but he was timid and avoided eye contact. When he realised that everyone was looking at him, he turned as red as a tomato. 

At that moment, the professor entered and said, 

“Good morning, students. As some of you may have already noticed, we have a new classmate,” the teacher pointed to the new boy, who turned even redder, “Please, make him feel part of the group.”

Although some boys let out a slight giggle when they saw how red the boy had become, the whole class was silent. Guddu looked at him with an amused expression and laughed to himself.

At recess, the new boy sat alone at one of the tables at the dining room’s back. Everyone was looking at him and laughing behind his back. Guddu came over with his two friends to say hello.

“Hey, you!” Ben exclaimed, causing the new boy to startle. After a moment, he asked, “Can’t you talk?”

“Besides being tall, are you also mute?” Tim asked, and the other children who heard him started to laugh.

The new boy turned red again, and getting up, he tripped over a chair and fell to the floor. Everyone laughed louder, even Guddu. As the boy got up, tears ran down his cheeks, and he ran away from the uproar of laughter in the dining room.

When Guddu got home, he thought about everything that had happened during the day with the new boy. It was fun to laugh with all his friends. When he went to bed, he kept thinking about the situation and even dreamed about it, but he was the one being picked on in the dream.

Everyone laughed in mockery and pointed at him. Children told Guddu that his appearance was hilarious, and he started to cry. He felt desperate and wanted to wake up at once, but he failed. The taunts went on and on, making him suffer until he finally woke up and was relieved to know that it was only a dream.

For Guddu, it was just a dream, and now everything was back to normal. But it was not a dream for the new boy; it was his reality. Guddu thought about it for a long moment, and when he got up from his bed, he made a decision.

Upon entering the classroom, the first thing Guddu did was to approach the new boy, who kept his gaze directed at his hands, placed them on top of his desk.

“Hello, friend.” Guddu said to him, “What’s your name?”

The boy gave him a sidelong glance, then he looked sideways, expecting another sneer from the others, but they all seemed as surprised as he was.

“It’s okay if you don’t want to answer. My name is Guddu, and I want to tell you that you can count on my friendship if you wish.”

Guddu smiled and sat back in his seat, looking at everyone with a proud expression. Ben and Tim looked at him in surprise, and Guddu just smiled, pleased with what he had just done. 

At recess, the new boy sat back down at the same table away from everyone and looked for Guddu with his eyes, and inside, trust began to blossom. 

At that moment, the new boy wished Guddu would come back to him and start a friendship. To his delight, Guddu addressed him.

“Can I sit down?” Guddu said, and the new boy nodded.

“My name is Kevin.”

Guddu was pleased to hear the shy boy’s voice for the first time.

“Nice to meet you, Kevin.”

“Nice to meet you too, Guddu.”

Guddu and Kevin talked throughout the recess. It turned out that Kevin was a reading lover, and with great joy, Guddu told him about how reading had changed his life. From that day on, the two spent a lot of time talking about stories and fun things. 

Even Ben and Tim started spending time with them, following Guddu’s good example. The whole school realised that Kevin was a funny boy, and some apologised to him for teasing him at first.

Guddu learned the importance of respecting others. Thanks to his example, many other children also realised how nice it is to tolerate, respect, and accept others.