One day, on his way home from school, Guddu was creeping near the park. Birds were singing. Squirrels were running among the branches of the trees. Waves of fresh air were filling the nostrils.

After walking on, Guddu reached his home. His mother was waiting for him with great joy. 

“Guddu! You have returned!” His mother said, running to hug him. 

“Hi, Mamma. How are you?”

“I’m doing great. I have good news for you!”

“Yes? What’s it all about, Mamma?”

“Your aunt Asha will be visiting us this weekend!”

Guddu didn’t know what to say; he loved his aunt. She was a tall woman who always smiled and listened to others, plus she talked about interesting things. There was only one problem: her son, Raj, who was an irritating boy!

“Oh, that’s wonderful, Mamma!” Guddu said, not entirely convinced of his words.

Raj was one of those children who liked to tease others. Thin like his mother, Raj, was tall and pretentious. He always used his large size as an excuse to bully others if he wanted it.

“Well, there are still things to buy! I must go to the store! I won’t be long, sweetheart,” his mother told Guddu.

It was a flashback moment for him. As he climbed the stairs to his bedroom, the memory of his cousin filled in. Many unpleasant moments kept pushing into his mind. 

Once, they were both playing on the video game console. Guddu had the upper hand, and in the end, he won. This did not seem to please Raj, so he got up and threw the console out the window in annoyance. 

“What was that?” Guddu’s mother asked from the kitchen.

Raj looked at him, furious. Guddu began to feel annoyed. That was his favourite console, but he didn’t want to get his cousin in trouble, so he lied. His mother hurried up to the room.

“I tripped, and the console fell towards the window!” Guddu exclaimed, worried.

“Oh, son! You should have been more careful!”

“It was an accident, Mamma. Anyway, I needed to stop playing so much.”

Lying on his bed, Guddu wished his cousin would not come to visit him. He couldn’t bear another anger on his part that would affect the tranquillity of his home. What if he broke another of his toys? What if he didn’t let him sleep? Raj snored so loudly that even the neighbours could hear him.

The last time Guddu stayed at his house, he didn’t sleep at all. Raj wouldn’t stop snoring. Hours passed, and suddenly the sun rose while Guddu kept staring at the ceiling, and his cousin slept peacefully.

Guddu stood up and plucked up his courage. He had to come up with a plan to end this uncomfortable situation. Things could not go on the same way. However, what could he do? His cousin was taller and bigger. Besides, Guddu didn’t enjoy arguing; that’s why Raj took advantage of him, but Guddu had to do something. 

The boy went down to the dining room for dinner. He was still thinking of ways to confront his cousin.

“Everything okay, son?” His mother asked, “You seem distracted. Are you excited about your aunt’s visit? You’re going to get to play with your cousin Raj again!”

Guddu wanted to tell his mother everything he thought about it, but for some reason, he didn’t want to worry her and didn’t want to get Raj in trouble. 

“Yes, Mamma. I am happy!” Guddu replied in a very low voice.

At dawn, his aunt arrived and greeted everyone. Next to her, Raj was playing with a portable video game console.

“Asha! Raj! It’s a joy to see you again!” Guddu’s mother greeted them.

“How are you? I missed you so much!” Asha said, hugging them.

“Hello, Raj,” Guddu greeted his cousin, who just looked at him for a moment and continued playing.

“Boys, why don’t you go upstairs and play? While Asha and I prepare something delicious to eat,” Guddu’s mother suggested.

Both children went upstairs. Guddu began to feel nervous. It was getting close to the time to confront his cousin. Guddu turned on the video game console, and they both sat down to play. 

Predictably, when Guddu started winning, Raj began to get upset. Guddu looked at him, satisfied that he always won. Suddenly, losing again, Raj stood up and tried to destroy the console again.

“Stop it, Raj!” Guddu told him, “You don’t have to destroy my things.”

Raj looked at him, confused.

“If it bothers you to lose, and you don’t want to play anymore, don’t do it, but don’t destroy my toys. That’s disrespectful, and you shouldn’t do things you wouldn’t want to be done to you.

“I’m sorry, Guddu. I won’t do it again. Let’s keep playing,” Raj said, surprising Guddu.

“All right,” Guddu told him, and they sat down to play.

From that day on, Raj and Guddu had no more problems. Guddu learned that solving things with violence was not a smart solution. It was enough to say things when something made you uncomfortable. That’s honesty, a superior value that Guddu learned this time.