Logo Program

Way to enhance your credibility an exclusive program for BATOI customers and partners to display Batoi logo(s) on their websites.

Batoi does not provide specific permission to third parties that want to place a link on their Web site to a Batoi Web page, or to place Batoi logos and banners on their Web site or any banner or stationeries. We do not object to such links if you refer to our company name or product names in a plain text font and format, follow our general trademark guidelines, and use appropriate wording such as "Learn more at Batoi.com" or "View more information about Batoi."

Following are logos, buttons and banners that are available for use. Except for these, you may not use the Batoi corporate logo, or any other Microsoft logo or graphic to link to a Batoi Web page.

Logos, Buttons, Banners, Graphics and Links Usage Guidelines
Powered by Batoi A specific agreement will need to be signed with our company before you can place this button on your website.
Powered by Opendelight You may place this logo for an application when you use Opendelight® to create the application. No specific permission is needed to place this button on your website; but you must adhere to Batoi Trademarks Guidelines.

If you want to link to Batoi.com or to place our logo on your website or on stationery, contact us.


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