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Partnership with University of Massachusetts CIE to Promote High-end Technologies

Jun 08, 2016. Fall River Massachusetts, USA.

The University of Massachusetts Dartmouth Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (CIE) located in Fall River Massachusetts, USA, Batoi Systems Pvt Ltd, an Indian company headquartered in Bhubaneswar and its sister company BCube Analytics Inc., also located in Fall River, have established a new partnership to bring innovative educational, research and product prototyping capabilities to the institutes, universities and commercial enterprises in India. The main focus of these efforts will be in energy, healthcare, the environment and smart governance.

This partnership will provide a valuable resource for the companies and stakeholders of social development initiatives in India, providing them access to the world class, academic, research and advanced prototyping facilities located at the CIE.

Batoi and BCube will work with CIE Director, Tobias Stapleton, to identify the skills and technologies needed to deliver skill-oriented certificate programs that will be developed in partnership with the Center. These programs will emphasize critical aspects of entrepreneurship, emerging technologies and innovation and will give students and entrepreneurs in India a unique opportunity to interact with the innovators and scholars at the CIE. The program will also offer opportunities for on-site study at the CIE and UMass Dartmouth facilities in the USA.

The CIE has extensive experience in promoting entrepreneurship and the commercialization of a broad range of high tech products developed and manufactured by the researchers and companies headquartered at its facility. The Center, which is supported by the extensive academic and research capabilities of the university, has a modern facility and staff dedicated to the advancement of research, engineering and prototype development in the environmental, entrepreneurship, marine and life-sciences areas. The Center has established itself as a leading hub for technological innovation and research, and will provide cutting edge programs that serve to advance the development of critically needed technologies and services for the Indian market.

"This association will usher in a new era of collaboration between Indian companies and academic institutions and the resources of Batoi, BCube, and the CIE,” Stapleton said. This partnership will help propel the 'Make in India' campaign, which is a major initiative of the Indian government, to a new level of success.”

Saji Nair, the CEO of BCube said, he is looking forward to his company serving as a conduit to bring the parties together, both in the US and in India. "It is exciting for us to partner with organizations like the CIE and Batoi to help forge a synergy that will deliver unmatched results,” he said, and added, “BCube’s main focus is compliance, which is a cornerstone of smart governance. Education and training are critical to reach this objective, and this partnership is a perfect opportunity to foster the skills needed to meet these challenges and to unite these growing markets”.

Ashwini Rath, Founder Director and CEO of Batoi Systems Pvt Ltd., noted that the scope of this initiative will expand the collaboration between Indian and U.S. institutions and to promote emerging high-end technologies, engineering and governance. "Batoi, with its product suites and solutions for education and research, will maximize these opportunities and create new initiatives to bridge gaps in much-needed skills and capabilities at the institutions and commercial entities in India," he said.

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