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Batoi Sponsors for the Online Portal and Web Hosting for Nartanam

Aug 25, 2013. Bhubaneswar, India.

Batoi has sponsored the online portal and the web hosting for Nartanam, one of India's leading print journals for Indian dance, published as a quarterly by the Sahrdaya Arts Trust, Hyderabad.

The sponsorship is a part of Batoi's initiative to help Nartanam achieve its goal of preserving the beauty and diversity of Indian dance forms for future generations in the form of digital archives.

Batoi helped Nartanam build an online presence and put up a comprehensive and visually expressive website. Online visitors to Nartanam's website can find the website easy to navigate, informative and pleasing. The website provides quick and direct access to available resources on the landing page. Batoi also helped Nartanam to put up the site navigation to allow visitors to access useful information including the journal's publisher, current and archived issues, subscription info and information on the team behind the journal, in a single click. Going along with the strong visuals trend, the landing page of the website greets the visitors with a sweeping photo slider showcasing Nartanam’s impressive works.

The website has helped Nartanam showcase all the past issues of the journal from 2001 to date, allowing web visitors to read and download the latest issue of the said journal free of cost. Additionally, it also allows readers to subscribe to the journal or buy its past issues (the print or the PDF format) with the help of the subscription information available on the website.

All the issues of the journal feature scholarly articles and reviews by noted dance writers/critics. It covers the varied academic areas of dance and the major events in the field of dance in India and publishes notes and comments on dance studies and performances abroad.

The website also includes a popular Content Management System (CMS). The CMS eliminates the dread of updating their website with the ability to easily change not only content, but also add images, attach files for download etc. All the changes to the website can be applied from a simple to use graphical user interface that keeps their website current for their online audience.

Apart from this, Batoi has also sponsored for the web hosting services, for managing their website and also manages the back-end support to run the portal smoothly. By powering Nartanam's online portal, Batoi has helped them avail high availability, uptime guarantees and service reliability. With the excellent reliability along with the friendly and professional customer support provided by Batoi, Nartanam has now been able to deliver a high performance website to its readership.

Furthermore, Batoi has also helped Nartanam project a professional image with branded email for their organization by helping them operate their email system in a cloud based email infrastructure.

When asked to Ms. Madhavi Puranam, Chief Editor, Nartanam what she likes most about Batoi, she said, "Batoi's technical support has been incredible. They have been with us at every step of the way. It is a wonderful experience to have Batoi backing us."

"Apart from doing business, we would like to promote the culture and heritage of India and it is our privilege to assist Nartanam's effort in this direction" says Mr. Ashwini Rath, Founder Director of Batoi.

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