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Legal Terms

Find answers to your questions about the Terms of Service, Acceptable Use Policy, Privacy Policy, Copyright and Trademark Policy, Security Policy, and Cookie Statement of Batoi.

These statements (available after clicking the respective links) are important. These are not to impose restrictions that are contrary to Batoi's established culture of openness, trust and integrity. These are meant to protect Batoi's customers, partners, employees, affiliates and the Company from illegal or damaging actions by individuals or groups, either knowingly or unknowingly. These statements also outline what you can and cannot do with Batoi and its services, and how we handles your data.

If you have any questions about these policy statements or violation of any of their clauses, please write to us.

Terms of Service

This is an main agreement you are making to use Batoi products and services. This describes your rights to use the software and services offered by Batoi.

Acceptable Use Policy

This is a set of rules about the types of content that you can store and transmit through Batoi products and services. Your services may be suspended or terminated for violation of these rules.

Privacy Policy

This policy statement details about what we do and don't with the information you provide to us.

Trademarks Guidelines

This is a set the rules for using Batoi trademarks and the names and designs of Batoi software, products, and services on packaging, promotional materials and other collaterals.



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