Supply Chain Management Solutions with Batoi CloudSpace

Manage your supply chain, communicate and collaborate with your upstream and downstream vendors efficiently. Include external organisations and users in the projects, sales and billing.

Batoi for Supply Chain Management (SCM)

Automate Your Supply Chain Management Processes.

Use Batoi CloudSpace Apps like Sales, Project, Asset to manage customer facing activities better.
Extend Team to External Users
Extend Team to External Users
You can include external users, freelancers and users from vendor organisations into your project team and sales process. Communicate and collaborate with the larger team.
Manage Upstream and Downstream Activities
Manage Upstream and Downstream Activities
Create Bills of Material (BoM) and manage the process of supply from manufacturing to the end-users. Track the deliverables and performance of deliveries.

Manage Your IT without Hassles

Use Batoi CloudSpace Apps to automate your event management, communications and networking between participants.
Manage your sales enquiries, leads and campaigns
Manage your projects and teams. Track performance
Manage Books of Account. View reports.
Manage inventories and assets

Advantage! Batoi Supply Chain Management, SCM, Solution

Batoi’s fully managed services with consulting on demand, guided onboarding, customised training, proactive system maintenance and priority support put you at ease with your digital systems.

Growing Number of Apps and Integrations

A growing number of turnkey apps and marketplace with value-adds and integration makes the solution portfolio comprehensive.
Achieve transparency and interoperability

Achieve Transparency and Interoperability

ReST API and inbuilt features for the import and export of users’ data creates transparency and interoperability for data management.

Security and Privacy Controls

Multi-layered security controls and GDPR-level privacy features instil greater confidence in users about their sensitive data and systems in general.
Security and Privacy Controls

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