Managed Services

Batoi offers managed services for digital transformation, guided onboarding and training for enterprise solutions, proactive monitoring, maintenance and disaster recovery for the digital infrastructure, and priority technical support.

Consulting, Security and Business Advisory

Consulting, Security and Business Advisory

Batoi provides consulting services and helps implement best practices for using digital technologies and data security within an organisation.

core strength
The core strength lies in low-code DevOps and application security.
Strong Expertise
Strong expertise in implementing secure and distributed software architecture, and making improvements in the security and performance of the existing applications.

Guided Onboarding and Training

The global delivery process at Batoi includes guided onboarding of the new customers and comprehensive training programs for both new and existing customers.

Additional Assistance
Additional assistance to enable a smooth transition of business processes into the new digital infrastructure.
Support Direction
Batoi Support Team helps align your existing business processes with the features and functions in Batoi products.
Guided Onboarding and Training
Proactive Monitoring and Disaster-Recovery Service

Proactive Monitoring and Disaster-Recovery Service

A well-laid process of backup management and proactive maintenance is a major advantage with customers of Batoi products and solutions.

Monitoring Tool
Monitoring tool for system availability and usage tracking apart from notifications and alerts.
Redundant Backups
Redundant backups and on-demand disaster recovery process for business-critical data of customers.

Priority Technical Support

The Batoi Priority Support Team is responsible for technical support for enterprise customers through online tickets, remote help tools (like Chrome Desktop and Zoom) and telephone.

Unlimited Telephone Support
Unlimited telephone support relating to the implementation, configuration, use and operation of the software applications.
Customised Training Sessions
Customised training sessions for enterprise users availing managed services as per the SLA or SoW or MoA (as appropriate).
Priority Technical Support

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