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Workspace, Sites, API and IAM

The Cloud platform to host SaaS Apps on Batoi Product Cloud. The major constituents of this platform are Workspace, Sites, API and IAM.
Batoi Cloud Platform
Workspace - an integrated portal that hosts your apps when you use Batoi Apps on the SaaS model.

Host Your Public Websites and Storefronts
Map Your Domain Name to the Website. Make Fully-branded..

Sites - A container service that allows SaaS customers to publish their public websites, e-commerce storefronts in a subdomain or in their own domain.




Domain Tools



ReST API with JSON data format for communication. A single gateway to access your data inside the App.

Identity and Access Management (IAM) Integrated
Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) Scheme.

Apps use Role-Based Access Control or RBAC for Identity and Access Management purpose.

The access to all apps and data can be controlled through centralized IAM tool.

You get a subscription account with Batoi and in the process, you will have to select a Workspace name. By default, a random string may be assigned, but you can choose a name that more than 8 and less than 16 characters long (alphanumeric characters).
You request API access from the Support. Currently, it is available in selected users; but we should be able to make it available to all users very soon.


Active Users for Batoi Cloud Services. Check the Case Studies.

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Support through the whole year. Learn about our priority technical support.


Maximum uptime of industry standard. Check details about our cloud infrastructure.

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