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Automate DevSecOps. Build and manage web and hybrid apps.

Business Platform on the Cloud with tools for DevOps and low-code development of software and mobile applications, organizational data and workflow management, digital publishing and promotion.

Deploy and Manage Custom Apps

Build, Deploy and Manage Custom Apps.
Easy way to build apps.

A low-code platform to build, deploy and manage web and hybrid applications without coding or minimal code efforts. The tool facilitates multi-user environment with DevOps management and also tracks the performance and security of the applications created here. The application created through Batoi Cloud Studio can be deployed on any public cloud platform or a vanilla server infrastructure. The resulting application is always Open Source with PHP-stack which can be modified even outside the scope of the Studio.

Growing List of Tools and Libraries

Marketplace with a number of tools and microservices for enhancing the capability of your apps. Access all tools from within the Cloud Studio.

In-built theme
In-built theme system based on bootstrap 4
SMS libraries
SSO, email, SMS libraries are integrated.
Yes. You can use the Open Source version of the Batoi Cloud Studio free of cost. You can even use Studio’s on-cloud version free too if you using the free-tier subscription to Batoi Product Cloud (BPC). You will have to pay if you upgrade.
No, if you are using the Cloud Studio; the application along with the source code will be deployed on any external server through the in-built tools. However, you need to download and install if you are using the Batoi Framework.
You need not have any programming skills to develop Apps on Batoi Cloud Studio. It offers intuitive user interface and simple development prescriptions to build and manage Apps without hassles and any significant learning curve without any knowledge of programming. Batoi takes care of all the complexities during creating and managing your Apps.

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