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End-to-end solutions for managing your event online.

A uniquely crafted, dynamic event management platform that facilitates publishing your event online, manage activities of your event effectively and track other events in a field of interest.


The beta release app may contain features and functions that may be broken and is not suitable for business or production use.

If you would like to test the features or functions of the App, you may choose to use it. Please provide your inputs and feedback to assist us in enhancing the App.

Manage content of event website

Manage content of event website, agenda, newsletter etc.
Manage Content. Publish Online.

Use the Batoi's next-generation publishing platform to grow your business easily and effectively. Offer interested visitors to your website and prospective participants to register and manage their details.



24/ 7




Communicate and Collaborate - Facilitate Networking

Draft and send email and SMS communications to all or a group of participants in your event. Feed for selected categories of events. ReSTful API access is also available.

social network
Give access to social network for an event for participants to interact online.
B2B meeting
Schedule B2B meeting time slots and user engagements online.
Communicate and Collaborate - Facilitate Networking
Access the App through a secure login (for each user). The Admin (primary user from the customer side) can create different roles and associate those with different functionalities of the App. Then the Admin can assign a ‘role’ as appropriate to any of the users.
Yes. Use Batoi’s publishing platform to manage website and agenda of your events easily and effectively.

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