People go to great lengths while purchasing their car. They are very particular about the technical specifications, the aesthetics, and the maintenance. A new car is often driven more carefully than a slightly older vehicle. However, people do not share similar opinions when it comes to car insurance. It is perceived as a needless activity, something that just needs to be done to comply with the law. It is reduced to just a formality when in fact you need to be actively involved in insuring your car to ensure that you have a sound financial cover in case of car-related mishaps.

Note that purchasing car insurance is not a one-time activity, it is a recurring activity. That is why car insurance renewal is necessary. An expired insurance policy is invalid. Your insurance company will not be able to settle your claim in case of an expired policy, worse, if you are involved in an accident where a third party has been injured, you will have to face legal and financial consequences on your own. Therefore, it is suggested to renew car insurance before its expiry date and be a law-abiding citizen.

Read ahead to know 5 benefits of renewing car insurance online.

Opportunity to review your cover and insure your car in an informed manner You can view car insurance renewal as an opportunity to select the right cover. What usually happens is, new car owners often go with what the car’s showroom owner suggests when it comes to car insurance. Car owners become policyholders without knowing the extent of their cover. They do it simply because it is convenient. However, online insurance renewal has changed this scenario.

Now, you do not need to limit yourself to the insurance option suggested by the car dealer. You can simply surf online and check out a best-suited car insurance policy and a car insurance company. Note that you are free to switch your car insurance company during car insurance renewal.

Choosing the appropriate Add-ons at low cost

Add-ons or riders as they are referred to are extra covers that strengthen your policy. Note that you can choose these Add-on covers only along with a Comprehensive Car Insurance policy. You can read and understand the inclusions and exclusions of these Add-ons easily online. You can remove non-productive Add-ons and choose only suitable ones while renewing car insurance online.

Here is a list of popular Add-on covers:

  • Zero depreciation
  • Roadside assistance
  • Return to invoice
  • Passenger cover
  • NCB protect
  • Accessories cover
  • Personal belongings cover

Digital-first insurers might include some of these add-ons as a part of their Comprehensive policy. Some also provide some discounts. You can check these offers by visiting their websites.

No Middle Men

When you renew car insurance online directly from the insurance company, you ensure that there are no middlemen in the process. This way, you are not dependent on anyone to insure your car. There are no personal agendas involved and their commission is also negated.

Zero Paperwork

Renewing car insurance offline requires paperwork. You might have to fill length forms and submit supporting documents to get your car insured by visiting the insurance company’s branch office. Online car insurance renewal does not require any lengthy paperwork.

Simple Renewal Process

You can renew your car insurance from your mobile, laptop, desktop or tablet with an internet connection in the following simple steps:

  1. Visit the insurance company’s website
  2. Enter car-related details
  3. Choose an appropriate plan
  4. Make the payment
  5. Receive the policy in your inbox

Renewing car insurance online is a hassle-free way of following the law and covering yourself against financial losses arising out of major car-related risks.