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Adoption. No Adaption

Insignificant learning curve unlike other cloud ecosystems. No fear of being bound to a closed and proprietary platform. Build your custom IT that is cost-effective, and is easy to implement, manage and use.

Simple Costing

Minimum number of parameters to measure the cost of cloud resources unlike other cloud ecosystems. Keep a tab on the expenses for your IT deployment and ongoing usage - no unnecessary expense.

Managed Service and Support

We perform proactive monitoring of your computing systems with regard to their security, performance and optimal usage. We continually upgrade the platform and apps, and keep their health good while you concentrate on your business.

Rigorous Security Measures

Stringent security measures at network, server, and application, levels - ISO 27001 compliant. Extensive program to keep your apps and data safe from evolving cyber-threats. All data transactions are done over SSL.

Extensible and Scalable

The platform is capable of provisioning computing resources as per your growing needs. Extend your apps and websites seamlessly with the full-fledged ReST API and in-built modules to connect to other major cloud ecosystems.

Interoperability of Data

With the Batoi Open Source Framework (OSF) in the background, and the adherence to standard protocols of data exchange and popular data formats, it offers no difficulty in porting data from or to the Batoi ecosystem.


Integrated Communications

Workflow Management

File & Document Management

Reports and Visualization

Use Batoi Cloud Studio to build, deploy and manage custom Apps on Cloud.

The application developers may also choose to build new innovative apps for their end-users with the Cloud Studio using popular programming languages (PHP, HTML5, JavaScript, CSS) and databases (MySQL or MariaDB), and may choose to publish with Batoi Hosting or in an external cloud environment.


Resellers, Solution Providers and Developers

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