This chapter will learn how you can set up business accounts on social media platforms, giving you access to submitting your advertisements to be used on the respective platforms. You will also learn how to effectively target audiences that are most likely to purchase on your website.

Facebook and Instagram are among the most popular advertising platforms for dropshipping businesses worldwide. This is because the advertisements are placed in high-converting locations on their websites and applications and have been extremely successful in driving traffic to the websites of businesses. To get started on their advertising platform, you first have to create a Facebook Page for your business and use that page to create a Facebook Ad Account on Facebook’s Business Manager. This will allow you to start creating campaigns, ad sets, and ads to optimise the conversion rates of your advertisements.

The Facebook Business Manager allows you to advertise on both Instagram and Facebook. It is optional to create an Instagram page for your business, but it will be highly recommended that you do so. This is because customers can click on your profile and learn more about your business. Besides, having an Instagram page will add to the legitimacy of your business which will improve conversion rates significantly.

Before you continue to start launching your ads, remember to link your website to Facebook Pixel. Facebook Pixel is a tool that tracks your customers’ behaviour, such as the site they came from, the time spent on each site, the number of add to carts, checkouts, and purchases. All of these will prove indispensable when you move on to decide on how you want to scale your budget for ads. To add Facebook Pixel onto your site, follow the instructions listed on the Facebook Business Manager platform. Setting up your Pixel will take less than ten minutes to set up, so you do not have to worry about this being an overcomplicated series of steps.