Using campaigns, ad sets, and ads to effectively test the advertisements you created and obtain valuable insights are some of the most important things you need to do to scale efficiently and sustainably.

To begin, create a new campaign and make sure to optimise your conversions for purchases. This will allow Facebook to target users that are most likely to purchase on your website. A new campaign should be started for each new product, which will enable you to easily track how your products are performing through the campaign insights tab.

Ad Sets

Within campaigns, you can create new ad sets. Each ad set will allow you to focus on specific types of audiences. You can target these audiences yourself. Demographics that you can specify include country, age, gender, relationship statuses, and interests. Through the skilful targeting of social media users, you are likely to market your product to an audience that is more inclined to spend on your products.

For example, a dropshipping site selling fishing rods should target an audience that likes fishing. Hence, the business owner can target males above 40 years of age and have an interest in fishing. This is just one example of how you can ensure that no money is wasted showing ads to users who have no interest in your product at all. Besides, you can target “Engaged Shoppers”, who are a demographic created by Facebook and are characterised as people who have spent money on online purchases within the past 30 days and are thus likely to be willing to purchase items online, making them ideal target audiences.

Also, businesses can specify what type of social media real estate they would like their advertisement to be shown on. Some of the most effective locations are Instagram stories, Instagram feeds, Facebook feeds, and Facebook stories. As most businesses will choose to users via these platforms, each cost per conversion will be noticeably higher.


Advertisers can create multiple ads under each ad sets, which will allow businesses to use a variety of advertising media to target a subset of audiences as specified in each ad set. By uploading the advertisements you have created, you can test each of them out and use Facebook’s insights to determine the best performing ads.